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PSA Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator and Boosters Compressors

Customized Compressed Air Systems


Spares & services for compressors and dryers of Atlas Copco, Chicago  Pneumatic, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Boge, Elgi and more.

Annual Maintenance contracts and Full Compressor system Audits


Thermal Energy Storage Air Conditioning System (TES)

The Airend Overhauling Program


PSA Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators

CHS delivers medical grade oxygen which is certified and safe to use, our  systems provide oxygen with purity levels between 93% to 99.5%

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Key Features of Containerized PSA Oxygen Generation Systems

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Customized Compressed
Air Systems

At CHS we custom built Air Compressors for the below mentioned
HERTZ machines:

As an exclusive partner with HERTZ Kompressoren- Germany , we at CHS thrive to provide some very specialized, custom-built Compressed Air Systems designed to fit your most rigorous specifications, which makes CHS the perfect solution for your custom application needs.


Refrigerant High & Low Pressure Air Dryers

Containerized Compressor Packages.

Customized Marine


Specialized Centrifugal Oil Free Compressors by IHI- Dalgakiran (From 125kw to 20,000KW)

Compressed air control & Automation

Specialized Compressed Nitrogen & Oxygen Gases upto 99.999% Purity.

Oil Injected Screw Compressors (From 2.2kw to 455kw)

Reciprocating High Pressure Air Compressor

High pressure and Low Pressure Downstream filtration systems (from 10cfm to 20,000 cfm)

100% Oil Free Screw Compressors (From 37kw to 455kw)

Portable Oil Injected Screw Compressor

High Pressure PET Compressors (Oil Injected / Oil Free- from 7.5kw – 220kw)

Reciprocating Air


High Pressure Booster Compressor

Heatless Adsorption Air Dryer

           Quality Standards Followed for Various HERTZ  Compressor Packages: ISO 8573-1 Class 0 ,  ISO 1217:2009, Annex C/E , ISO 2151:2004 and ISO 9614/2 , DIN EN ISO 1461


After – Market Spares for Multi- Brand Compressors, Dryers & Vacuum Pumps


At CHS we believe that each part matters. Replacing the right part at the right time is what guarantees the reliability, performance and life span of your machine.


We provide compressor spares for more than 100 compressor brands like Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Compair, Kaeser, Sullair etc. CHS has access to more than 30,000 kits and spare parts which can be sourced / manufactured at the shortest possible time. Saving your company, a lot of valuable time and money.


Spare For Factories and Industrial
Production Facilities

The Procurement

We, at CHS, have been specialists in procurement and supply of technical products. With our dealers and production facilities spread around the world, we offer a wide range of engineering and process engineering services.

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Annual Maintenance & Service Contracts For Compressors

CHS has carefully designed service plans that ensure uninterrupted operation of your compressed air system. We provide different Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) modules depending on the dynamics of operation of your compressors.

CHS provides AMC customers annual maintenance reports, attractive prices on spare parts, service support on Fridays and holidays, and standby spare parts on priority in the event of a major breakdown. An AMC reduces production losses and relieves our customers from maintaining a spare parts inventory. CHS takes total care of compressor maintenance which eliminates the need for our customer to employ a technician.


Our experienced and well-trained compressor specialists at CHS provide full-service maintenance and technical advice to clients throughout the Middle East, Africa & India. Be it troubleshooting, preventive case or during major overhauling and emergency breakdown assistance.



Not all systems operate in the most efficient manner possible. The reasons, however, are many- inappropriate size, outdated technology, air leaks, and pressure drops. But, with our planning and diagnostic tools - CHS AIR AUDITS and AIR REPORTS - you can discover the weaknesses and optimize the efficiency of
your plant.

While the AIR AUDITS consist of individual and combined analysis of your system, the Air Report determines the efficiency of your compressed air system by comparing the amount of energy used and the power output.


Full System Audit



You Know

Manufacturing facilities spend
around 40% of their total energy
costs on compressed air alone.

Compressor Lifecycle Cost Breakdown

Energy Cost

Compressor Cost

Maintenance Cost

The system audit is the most comprehensive review and takes around 3 to 10 days with little or no impact on current running procedures.

Full compressed air system audits include:

Energy usage data logging

logs the energy the air
compressors are consuming.

Compressed Air Purity Analysis
w.r.t Oil, Dust & Dew-Points

(ISO 8537 complaint)

Spectral Vibration Analysis

Maintenance review  
assesses the effectiveness of the
current maintenance plan.

Air measurement  
identifies a factory’s true compressed air demand and operating schedule.

Condition Monitoring

Air leak detection & control  
identify how much air is being
lost due to leaks.

Detailed analysis and suggestions on enhancement of the system & presenting the ROI to the client for complete investment.

Technical & Financial


Thermal Energy Storage Air Conditioning System (TES)

As much as 60% of the energy consumed is for heating and cooling. We at CHS are taking this as an opportunity and initiative to incorporate some innovative solutions. 

By accurately designed
Thermal Energy Storage Solutions -

Up to 40-50% of this
energy use can be saved.

Thermal energy is normally stored at the point of use and committed to cooling and freezing solid balls of ice which store cooling energy.


The cooling energy is released for later use by
reversing the procedure and melting the ice.

Ice Ball Thermal Storage


The Airend Overhauling

Your airend is vital to the overall health of your compressor system, which means that when it fails, it could affect many other areas of your compressor and your factory. The process of restoring your compressor to full functionality could begin with Airend repair but it may also require the repair or replacement of other parts of your system as well.
Unlike some other compressor companies, we won’t simply fix your airend just to have your compressor malfunction again. A skilled team from CHS would assess your compressor system and determine whether the problem is truly with your airend or perhaps another part of your machine that is not functioning properly.


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